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Silver Chef Financing

AG Equipment can off you financing though Silver Chef Australia.  Australia's leading catering equipment financing company.

Silver Chef's Rent-Try-Buy® Solution is perfect for restaurateurs and caterers who want to lower their risk and keep their options open. Rent-Try-Buy gives you options that others don't! 

  • Short 12-month contract 
  • Flexibility to upgrade the equipment at any time
  • Flexibility to return equipment after 12 months 
  • A rental rebate of 75% if you decide to buy the equipment 
  • A quick a simple application process

Freedom. Flexibility. Options.

Rent-Try-Buy is simple. With 100% tax deductible, low weekly repayments and 5 flexible options available to you (including upgrading or purchasing outright at any time), now you can have your cake and eat it too.

Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality and restaurant equipment funder in Australia, and with nearly 30 years of expertise and specialised knowledge, you can be sure we’re focused on helping you run your dream business.

Don’t put yourself and your business at risk. If you have a need for commercial hospitality kitchen equipment then Rent-Try-Buy has you covered. With no directors’ guarantees, a minimal 12 month term and low weekly 100% tax deductible payments, it’s the best insurance policy you can have!

Rent-Try-Buy is PURRE

  • P: Purchase: Purchase at any time during the 12 month period and receive 75% of the net rent you've paid.
  • U: Upgrade: Upgrade at any time to equipment better suited for your business
  • R: Return: Return the equipment after the 12 month period if you no longer need it.
  • R: Rent: At the end of the 12 months continue renting with no obligation.
  • E: Easy Own: Sign up to Easy Own for an additional 36 months and we'll reduce your weekly rent by 30% while you work towards ownership

Funding Benefits

  • Rental Rebate: Purchase equipment during the first 12 months and receive a 75% rental rebate.
  • Easy Returns: Return equipment at the end of the 12-month agreement if it is no longer required.

  • Reduced Purchase Price: Continue to rent – and we’ll simply continue to reduce your purchase price.

  • Upgrade Equipment: Upgrade should you decide your business has outgrown the original equipment

Example - Standard Option

Just say you rent assets valued at $10,000. By choosing the Rent-Try-Buy® Solution, you could look forward to:

  • Low weekly rent of:  $126.92
  • Purchase price at the end of one year:  $6,050
  • Total nett Rent-Try-Buy Payments:  $10,670
  • Rental cost of ownership:  $670

A refundable security bond of an amount equal to 13 weeks is required with the signed agreement. A Document Fee of $235 will also apply.

Total asset value on each contract must be a minimum of $1500.

Benefits of the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy® Solution include:

  • Low weekly rental repayments
  • The chance to free up your valuable working capital
  • The ability to try before you buy
  • Peace of mind from knowing you’re not stuck with equipment that isn't perfect for your needs
  • The ability to add further equipment as your business grows
  • A 12 month agreement – don’t get locked into a long term lease
  • No directors’ guarantees, so you don’t have to put your house on the line!
  • Rental payments are 100% tax-deductible
  • Renting is off ‘balance sheet’, meaning it doesn't affect your capacity to borrow for future expansion
  • Furthermore our application process is simple and obligation free.

Easy Own

Silver Chef Easy Own™ is a new product that makes owning your equipment easy! You can enjoy all of the flexible benefits of our Rent-Try-Buy® solution in your first 12 months and once you know the equipment is right for you, work towards ownership! 

It's as easy as...

  1. Rent-Try-Buy for 12 months for optimum flexibility. Try your equipment and have the options to purchase anytime, upgrade or return at the end of 12 months.
  2. After 12 months decide if you want to purchase, upgrade, return or Easy Own.
  3. If you Easy Own*, we will reduce your weekly rental payments by 30% and you can work towards ownership.

If you are interested in purchasing AG Equipment products using Silver Chef financing, call our sales team on 03-9416-4667 to discuss your options further.