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Under-bench, under-counter fridges and counter refrigerators are a staple in any food service establishment, restaurant, cafe and convenience store. They are typically smaller and more compact than upright fridges. This type of refrigerator is designed to fit underneath countertops. Saving valuable floor space but providing easy access to your ingredients, drinks and pre-prepared products.

These fridges are equipped with features such as a digital thermostat, self-closing doors and casters for easy positioning. They are energy-efficient and easy to clean. Making them a practical and cost-effective refrigeration solution for any business. They fit under counters and blend in with the kitchen décor.

Under-bench / counter refrigerators are also known as restaurant fridges, small space fridges, energy efficient fridges, durable fridges, heavy-duty fridges, easy-to-clean fridges, stainless steel fridges, reach-in fridges, under-counter fridges, counter fridges, refrigerated storage, cold storage, and commercial refrigeration.

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