Warranty for products and appliances manufactured or imported by Roband and Simco’s CookRite ranges are covered by the respective companies.  AG Equipment is not responsible for the warranty processes implemented by these companies.  Please use the following information to get into contact with them if the need arises.
Ensure you have your receipt from AG Equipment, the model number(s) and the serial number(s) of the appliance in question ready before contacting them.
Roband Warranty Enquiries: 1800 268 848
Roband Spare Parts and Service Enquiries: +61 2 9971 1788
Simco CookRite Warranty Enquiries: 1300 883 888
Simco CookRite Terms and Condition: https://simcogroup.com.au/terms-and-condition
Simco CookRite Product Registration, Warranty and Services: https://simcogroup.com.au/support


Q: How Long Is Your Warranty?

All new AG Equipment products are backed by either a 12 month, or 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as specified on the product page, unless other specific warranties are stated on the product page at time of sale, or you have registered for extended warranty with Simco.  The specific warranty term for a product can be found under the WARRANTY section of the product specifications.  The warranty exceeds the consumer warranties and guarantees under Australian Consumer Law.


Q: What do I do if I have a problem?

If your product arrives or presents with damage or a fault, please download the warranty form below, complete it and email it back to us at service@agequipment.com.au for our immediate attention.

Please also provide additional photos and/or videos of the issue so that we can quickly arrange the right solution.



Q: What types of product faults are covered?

AG Equipment warrants all new equipment to be free from defects including factory used materials and workmanship, and of acceptable quality and durability.


Q: Does my appliance(s) have to be installed and connected when AG Equipment's technician attend?

Yes, the equipment(s) under a warranty claim must be fully installed and connected when our technician attend your premises. Otherwise, the technician will be unable to diagnose the fault and fix the appliance. If the equipment under a warranty claim is not connected, or not installed correctly when our technician arrives at your premises, you will be charged the call out fee due to the issue not being resolvable until a later visit.


The warranty does not cover: 

  • Normal wear and tear, and items which wear out because of usage such as motors, blades, bearings, brushes, heating strips and batteries.
  • Any damage to glass.
  • Product power leads and connection hoses.
  • Lights including transformers and switches.
  • Door Seals, Handles & Hinges.
  • Damage arising from abnormal use, or abuse, such as overloading of compressors from operating outside the ambient temperature or excessively opening and closing of fridge or freezer doors; mixer motors and stripped gears as a result of exceeding maximum load capacity.
  • Products which have not been maintained (for example, filters and condenser not regularly cleaned on fridge and freezers, mixer clogged with flour or debris in mechanical shafts/gears, clogs by foreign debris in dishwasher drainage system), or which have been modified.
  • Damage to packaging only.
  • Insignificant minor variations in dimensions, colour, grain, or finish; and
  • Very minor chips or superficial blemishes.
  • Equipment which has been opened, serviced, or modified without AG EQUIPMENT's prior consent.
  • Items located outside of Australia.
  • Refrigeration equipment used for mobile operations, food trailers, trucks, vans and alike.
  • Items no longer in the position of the original invoice/owner (i.e.: warranties are not transferable).


Q: Can I use my own technician?

All equipment under warranty by AG EQUIPMENT must be serviced in accordance with AG EQUIPMENT's policies listed in the Terms and Conditions. Generally, we will arrange a technician to solve the issue through our service network. Occasionally we may ask our customers if they have a preferred technician who is able to carry out any servicing or warranty work. This may be the case in non-metro or areas where our manufacturer's technicians may take a long time to reach.

You may not use your own technician without prior consent from AG EQUIPMENT. Doing so WILL VOID YOUR PRODUCT'S WARRANTY! 

Some products (usually under commercial value of $1000) have a back-to-base warranty. This means if an issue cannot be solved easily, the product must be sent back to the appropriate service centre for repairs. Back to base warranty freight fees are your responsibility and will not be borne by AG EQUIPMENT.


Q: How will my product fault be solved?

The best solution to any product fault depends on the nature of the fault itself, and each fault will be given a tailored solution to best solve your problem. The solutions available are as follows (in order of priority) – and all at no cost to you:

  1. Adjustments: If the fault can be solved with a small adjustment such as to the item’s control panel, we will immediately advise you on how to do it.
  2. Spare Parts: If the fault can be solved with the provision of a spare part(s) – we will immediately send you the spare part(s) - Fees may apply in circumstances.
  3. Partial Refund: If the fault is merely superficial – we may offer you a partial refund or store credit in an amount commensurate with the extent of the fault, to keep the product as is and use a “Self Help” solution. This is to avoid unnecessary wastage and due to environmental considerations, and to save you time.
  4. Replacement: If the fault falls within our warranty policies and can only be solved by the provision of a replacement but not a spare part – (at our discretion) we will send you a replacement as soon as possible. Please note that AG EQUIPMENT may or may not require the return of the faulty product prior to sending a replacement, (at our sole discretion).
  5. Credit/Full Refund: If the fault cannot be solved with a spare part and no replacements are available within 3 weeks, and no alternative products are to your liking, we will offer you a full refund or store credit should you so choose. (The full refund will not include postage/freight fees which will be deducted from the total as per our returns policy and general terms).


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be deemed of acceptable quality by AG Equipment and the fault does not amount to a major failure.

Please keep in mind some helpful points:

  1. Self-Help Solutions: Wherever possible – AG EQUIPMENT requires customers to use “Self Help” solutions. For example, if a minor setting needs adjustment as per a product manual or our instructions or if an electrical plug has come undone in transport, You the customer can rectify the situation quickly and effectively by following our simple solutions.
  2. Packaging: The customer acknowledges that packaging or the product may be affected during delivery to the customer.
  3. Visual Variations: The customer acknowledges that there may be minor variations in colour and finish as between each item, and also the corresponding images shown on the AG EQUIPMENT website (because of issues such as screen resolutions, or in-situ lighting). And also because in many cases - no two pieces of equipment are identical.


Equipment Maintenance: To best ensure the longevity of your products, please read product manuals and keep up to date with their specific maintenance schedules. For example, All refrigerators and freezers must have their ventilation systems regularly cleaned to ensure consistent airflow. This includes regular cleaning of the internal filters and condenser with a soft brush and blower. If used outdoors or in hot and stuffy environments, maintenance such as filter cleaning should happen even more regularly.