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Combination Cutter CC-32S

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Combination Cutter CC-32S

Hallde’s Combi Cutters are a perfect solution for the smaller kitchen. The CC-32S is both a vegetable preparation machine and a vertical cutter in one machine. It’s small and compact and easy to put away and take out when you need it.

Slice, crimp, julienne & shred/grate – 80 portions/day, 2kg/minute.
Chop, mix, grind, purée/blend & mince – Stainless steel bowl gross volume 3 litres, net liquid volume 1.4 litres.

Type of preparation
Vegetable preparation attachment:
Slices, grates, shreds, cut julienne and crimping slices.  Cutting tools provided with the machine are a 4 mm slicer (HA85004) and a 4mm grater/shredder (HA85040),  with many other cutting tools available for separate purchase.    Processes vegetables, fruit, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc.
Vertical Cutter/ Blender attachment:
Chops, grinds, mixes and blends. Processes meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, almonds, parmesan, chocolate, etc. Prepares dressings, herb oils, aromatic butter, thickenings, mayonnaise, sauces, soups, minced meats, purées, pâtés, etc.

Restaurants, shop kitchens, cafés, bakeries, diet kitchens, retirement homes, schools, fast food outlets, daycare centres, salad bars and more.

Hallde Speed Selector
The CC-32S has two speeds, one high (1,450 rpm) for the vertical cutter and one low (500 rpm) for the vegetable preparation. The machine automatically detects which top is attached (vegetable preparation or vertical cutter) and sets the speed to be used.

Developed for the best hygiene
The CC-32S is manufactured solely from hygiene-certified material. The machine has smooth surfaces, and rounded edges and no unnecessary recesses where food might penetrate and get stuck. For quick cleaning, all loose parts are simple to remove for easy rinsing of the machine. All loose parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Only the best material
The machine base and knife chamber are manufactured of ABS plastic. The feeder is strong polycarbonate and the bowl is stainless steel. The only top-quality stainless knife steel is used to manufacture the cutting tools’ knife blades.

Highest possible reliability
The powerful motor is geared down and has a high torque, which makes the CC-32S exceptionally reliable – irrespective of the foods you are working with. If the motor is called on to work harder, more power is supplied to ensure even running.

Vegetable cutter
When the pusher plate is hinged up, the machine stops filling. When it is hinged down the machine restarts and you can continue working. This automatic start and stop function makes your work more effective – a clear advantage, particularly when larger volumes are involved. The feeder has a feed tube for preparing long and narrow items like cucumber and leak.

Double safety against unprotected knife
If the feed cylinder is removed the power is cut. Thanks to this double security measure, there is no risk of the machine starting with an unprotected knife.

Cutting tools for all occasions
Our wide range of large Ø185 mm cutting tools means the CC-32S can handle a huge variety of tasks. It slices, grates/shreds, cuts juliennes and crimps slices – everything from firm to soft products.

Vertical Cutter/Blender
The three-litre bowl has a tightly sealed lid that allows for the preparation of larger volumes of both liquid and dry ingredients. The vertical cutter can be run at one speed, 1,450 rpm.

Smart functions
The CC-32S has a patented scraper system with three scraper arms. These keep the lid and the inside of the bowl clean at the same time as moving the ingredients towards the knives during preparation. The design and angle of the knives in combination with the scrapers means that the ingredients are turned in the bowl giving the whole content a uniform texture. This gives perfect results in a quick time. The knives are serrated which makes them more wear-resistant.

Net weights
Machine base: 7 kg.
Vegetable Preparation attachment: 1 kg
Vertical cutter attachment: 1.4 kg
Cutting Tools: 0.3 kg.

Your easy way to get 3 years warranty
Complete the warranty registration form for all purchases of Hallde Food Preparation Machines in Australia and you are entitled to a 24-month warranty extension. This extension increases the warranty of your machine to three (3) years for parts & labour. (Standard warranty is one (1) year parts & labour). Terms and conditions of the warranty applicable at the time of purchase apply to this Warranty Extension. Please refer to these original warranty conditions set out in the Owners Manual supplied with your machine.

Warranty Application Process
The extension application form must be completed and returned to Hallde within 30 days of purchase. Send the form, including a copy of your purchase invoice direct to Hallde in Sweden.




  • Combination Cutter with vegetable preparation and cutter/mixer capability
  • Slice, crimp, julienne & shred/grate – 80 portions/day, 2kg/minute
  • Chop, mix, grind, puree/blend & mince – stainless steel bowl gross volume 3 litre, net liquid volume 1.4 litres
  • Automatic speed setting for the separate attachments – gives perfect results with both functions
  • Fast and easy cleaning, all loose parts are machine washable
  • Time-saving
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Table top model
  • 1000W, supplied with cord and 10 Amp plug


Note: All accessories are sold separately.  Please contact us to discuss these options.


CAPACITY 2kg/min veg prep
PACKAGE DIMENSION MM 490(w) x 300(d) x 470(h)
PRODUCT DIMENSION MM 285(w) x 350(d) x 465(h)
VOLTAGE 220V - 240V
WARRANTY SELECTTION 12 Month Parts & Labour